An olive branch from Scarnati

Published by James O'Toole on .

Senate President Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati was among the GOP leaders who faulted Gov. Tom Corbett's leadership last week in response to the governor's decision to veto some legislative funding while complaining of lawmakers' inaction on pension issues.

Mr. Scarnati appeared more conciliatory Thursday as he said he had reached out to the governor's office to set up a meeting with GOP leaders and the governor to seek a way forward on stalled pension legislation.

"I have reached out to the governor's office just today, asked for meeting with Republican leaders and the governor in order to bring some civility back to a debate over pensions,'' he said.

He seemed to shrug off the veto message that drew his ire previously. "The governor used the tools at his hands to get everyone's attention,'' he said.  "An eye for an eye just makes the while world go blind.''

"I'm not angry at the governor; [I'm] no speaking ill of anything he's done,'' he added.  "What we need to do is sit down.''

Mr. Scarnati said he had not yet received a response from the governor's office.

Jay Pagni, Mr. Corbett's press secretary, said the administration welcomed the outreach but added that he was not aware of that any meeting or any other response had been scheduled on the issue.

"The governor would welcome continued discussion with the Senate and the House leadership on this very important issue,'' he said  "Working together, we can address this pension crisis that is such a problem for the state and every school district.''


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