Helpful Huffpo tool tracks governor's race

Published by Mike Pound on .

If you've been paying attention, you've seen polling results that show Gov. Tom Corbett is narrowing -- slightly, anyway -- the massive lead held by Democratic challenger Tom Wolf immediately following Pennsylvania's primary election in May.

If you haven't been paying attention, Huffington Post has a tool you might find to be helpful.

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This version of the Pennsylvania Pollster chart tracks the results of 10 polls, from six polling organizations, ranging from early 2013 -- when incumbent Republican Corbett was in a dead heat with the businessman and former state revenue secretary from York -- through the end of July. The chart isn't just an aggregation of polls; as this FAQ explains, the HuffPost data folks also include "trend estimates," which, they explain, is "a current estimate of support for each candidate (or responses to an issue or rating question) based on all the available data." This cuts down on noise that could be caused by differences in polling methods or errors in the results.

And if you want a look at more straightforward poll aggregation results, you can have that too. Click the "Create Your Own" tab and you'll see those trends with the modeling removed; you can also toggle those results between registered voters, those likely to vote in November or a combination of both.

Skeptical about the results that include Huffington Post's modeling? Understandable, sure, but here's a thing to keep in mind -- the Pollster charts nailed the results of the 2012 presidential election across the board. 

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