Corbett and Wolf: new ads, old claims

Published by Mike Pound on .

The Battling Toms each released new attack ads on Tuesday, but for the most part, the new spots are short on new themes.

Tom Wolf, "Get Real"

What's new: Claim that almost 80 percent of the state's school districts are raising property taxes because of Gov. Corbett's education cuts. A mention of increased gasoline taxes that were part of Gov. Corbett's transportation funding plan.

What's not: The $1 billion in education cuts. Pennsylvania doesn't levy natural gas extraction taxes. Standing up for the middle class for a change.

Bottom line: "I'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change."

Random things we noticed: Really sad piano music. And does Mr. Wolf seem too nice to do effective attack ads?

Tom Corbett, "More and less"

What's new: Claim that Mr. Wolf pays income taxes at a rate less than half of the average Pennsylvanian.

What's not: Mr. Wolf is a millionaire. He wants to raise taxes on many middle class Pennsylvanians. He moved his company to Delaware. The actress who explains all these things.

Bottom line: "Tom Wolf -- higher taxes for you, less for him."

Random things we noticed: Even sadder piano music. And by letting the previously mentioned actress do the ad's narration, does Gov. Corbett appear to remain above the fray?


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