Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Published by Tim McNulty on .

There's so much going on in Pittsburgh City Council this week that it almost makes you want to go to Grant Street and watch the show. Almost.

The city is refinancing its some debt (Fitch gives the city a stable outlook) and as usual Chris Briem has all the details.

There is another important referendum poised for city ballots this November -- it's the one proposing to inch up millage a tad (to the tune of $25 yearly) to boost funding for the Carnegie Library system. Library supporters bring their petition signatures to council today. (We addressed the hot air over another ballot question on shale drilling here yesterday.)

Finally, there's the mayor's official naming of today as "U2 Day." It doesn't have the panache of Culture Club Day (and Kajagoogoo and Flock of Seagulls still lack their due city recognition), but whatever -- it's a boost to the local economy at least. Here's the mayor's full proclamation:

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