Candidate list, statehouse edition

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After petition filing round two completed yesterday (bifurcated due to Reapportion-pocalypse), we have a now near-complete list of this year's election contenders.

Here's the latest version from the Department of State, which has dozens of opposed incumbents. Our buddy at the Morning Call has done the heavy lifting there, so check out his list of the already winners.

Some western Pennsylvania highlights as we dig through:

- There's three contenders for retiring GOP state Sen. John Pippy's seat: Republicans D. Raja, state Rep. Mark Mustio of Moon, and Sue Means of Bethel Park.

- Democratic Sen. Jim Brewster is unopposed for his seat -- which is likely to still move eastward under pending revised state legislative maps.

- Four Democrats and no Republicans have filed for the 22nd House District, formerly represented by Democratic Rep. Chelsa Wagner. That seat also was moved under the rejected maps and likely again will reappear outside of Allegheny County under those new maps.

- House Majority Leader Mike Turzai has a Republican primary challenger, Karen Shaheen of McCandless.

- Blast from the Past Alert: Narrowly defeated Democratic state Rep. David Levdansky has filed to face off against the man who unseated him, Republican Rep. Rick Saccone.

See any other highlights we missed? Let us know!

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