PPP: Corbett up 10

Published by Tim McNulty on .

Public Policy Polling -- which weighed in yesterday on the tied Senate race -- says GOP pick Tom Corbett has maintained a sizable lead over Dan Onorato in the governor's race.

They polled 600 Pa voters from June 19-21, with a 4% MoE.

From their blog:

While Democratic prospects in the Pennsylvania Senate race are now looking a lot brighter than they were three months ago, the contest for Governor continues to look like an uphill battle. Tom Corbett leads Dan Onorato 45-35, indicating Onorato has only picked up a little bit of support after trailing 45-32 on PPP's previous poll of the race in early April.

Corbett has two big things going for him: a 44-20 advantage with independents and the fact that he's winning 74% of the Republican vote while Onorato has just 57% of his party's voters lined up behind him.

Both of the candidates are still relatively unknown at this point. 50% of voters have no opinion about Corbett one way or the other. He has good numbers among those who do with 31% seeing him favorably to 19% with a negative opinion. 53% have no opinion about Onoraro and the reviews he gets are somewhat less positive- 22% have a favorable view of him while 25% rate him unfavorably.

One thing that can't be doing Onorato's prospects any favors is the high level of unpopularity of outgoing Governor Ed Rendell. He has just a 35% approval rating with 53% of voters disapproving of him. It's no surprise that voters are reluctant to elect another Democratic Governor when they feel so negatively toward the one already in office.

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