AFSCME doesn't "Like Mike"

Published by Daniel Malloy on .

We told you last week that the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is hitting the airwaves in Pittsburgh and Erie to toss mud at Butler Republican Mike Kelly, who's running for Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper's seat, and here's the fruit of their ad buy.

The ad, seen below, derides Kelly for being a millionaire (we've seen this script before), for opposing the health care bill (though it's phrased as "reduce the benefits I get from Medicare" since the bill provides such goodies for seniors as closing the prescription drug doughnut hole), and his support of the flat tax (which would essentially result in a tax break for the rich and hike for the poor).

One of the attacks -- that Kelly supported the bailouts -- is a little thin. The evidence comes from a press release that one of Kelly's primary foes, Paul Huber, issued after a radio debate for the GOP candidates in May, claiming that Kelly said he supported TARP and that was one way he distinguished himself from the other candidates. No news outlet apparently cared to cover the thrilling radio debate and there's no other primary source evidence of this claim. Kelly on his website now says he "will oppose the type of Wall Street bailouts that both Republican and Democratic administrations have wrongly passed in the last two years."

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