PA3: Kelly $310K, Eaton $16K

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Freshman US Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Butler, had $309,557 in cash heading into his reelection bid this fall, while Democratic challenger Missa Eaton, a PSU-Shenango prof, had $16,132.

Kelly's pre-primary report shows he raised $180,979 the first three months of the year and spent $101,315.

The Butler car dealer has $331,995 in self-debt outstanding.

Eaton, of Sharon raised $46,433 and spent $30,301.


Clinton stumps for Kane in SEPA

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As U.S. Rep. Mark Critz was touting his fresh endorsement from former President Bill Clinton, the ex-commander-in-chief himself was on his way to the Philadelphia suburbs to campaign for attorney general candidate Kathleen Kane. 

Kane, who worked for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential bid in northeast Pennsylvania, announced his endorsement several weeks ago.

Having Clinton in person to rally the southeastern Pennsylvania crowd, not far from opponent Patrick Murphy's native Bucks County, was the latest presidential tit-for-tat in a week that included Obama adviser David Axelrod visiting Philly to stump for Murphy.

Here's what reports that Clinton told the crowd of 1,000 about Kane's qualifications:

“It’s a simple question, a simple question: who will be more for the people of Pennsylvania?” Clinton said, noting Kane’s service for more than a decade as assistant district attorney in Lackawanna County.

“She’s the only candidate that’s literally spent years, years, using the power of the law to protect women and children from abuse, to protect seniors from financial scams, to protect the most vulnerable among us, by using the power of the law,” he said.

“…She’s the only person you can vote for who’s done that in this primary," he said.


More on loss of Orie seat

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Briem 40th Dist map

Karen Langley has more on the new legislative maps approved yesterday that send Jane Orie's North Hills Senate seat to the Poconos and preserve the Mon Valley seat of Democrat Jim Brewster:

The plan differs from the one presented by the Senate Republicans in that it would move the district occupied by Ms. Orie rather than Mr. Brewster's district.

"I believe this is the kind of decision that should be driven as much as possible by Census Bureau population data," said Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, R-Delaware.

Mr. Pileggi said he understood that Mr. McEwen proposed the change to avoid moving a district whose occupant is running for re-election or in the middle of a term. Mr. Brewster is running unopposed for another four-year term, while Ms. Orie no longer will be eligible to serve in the Senate after she is sentenced May 21.

Despite his objection, Mr. Pileggi said he would support the preliminary plan so that redistricting could move forward. His counterpart, Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, D-Forest Hills, did not, saying the plan would split more communities than the plans of the Senate and House. Mr. Costa did say, however, that he was glad Mr. Brewster's district would be preserved.

"We're pleased that they saw that there was a value in maintaining the 45th District in Allegheny County, specifically the Mon Valley," he said afterward. "However, there are a number of other parts of the plan that we think we need to continue to talk about."

The commission approved the preliminary plan 4-1, with Mr. Costa opposed. House Minority Leader Frank Dermody, D-Oakmont, said he would support the plan as a preliminary measure so that redistricting could proceed.

Pitt's Chris Briem did the maps above and below showing how the boundaries of Orie's 40th District would change. Pittsburgh's north suburbs look to be gobbled up by the 37th District currently held by the retiring John Pippy (and which Republicans Mark Mustio, D. Raja and Sue Means are fighting over April 24.) The full breakdowns of the proposed districts are here.

Briem 40th District changes


Tim Murphy: $1.38M in cash

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Incumbent U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy has a giant financial advantage over his rivals in PA18.

The five-term congressman from Upper St. Clair had $1.38 million in cash at the end of the Jan. 1-April 4 pre-primary reporting period, to the $80,000 for GOP challenger Evan Feinberg and $169,674 $266,000 for Democrat Larry Maggi.

Murphy raised $661,656 in the period and spent $323,953.

Maggi, a Washington County commissioner, raised a meek $17,100 and spent $4,950. Most of his funds came from a $140,000 self-loan.

CORRECTION: We pulled Maggi's old 2002 report by accident. We'll put up his 2012 FEC report once the agency posts it.

UPDATE: Maggi's report shows he raised $169,254 during the period and self-loaned an extra $126,053. His campaign spent $28,565.


Dems Altmire, Critz spending big in primary

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The incumbent Democrats in the PA12 primary spent more than $1.3 million combined battling each other in the first three months of the year.

Jason Altmire had $419,453 in cash going into the homestrech against fellow Democrat Mark Critz's $232,183 in the April 24 primary.

Altmire's pre-primary report on finances from Jan.1 through April 4 showed he raised $330,579 during the period and spent $763,418. Critz's report showed $267,554 in contributions and $550,947 in spending.

We'll have more on the details later.

UPDATE: From the Altmire camp:

. . . the campaign of Mark Critz reported raising $267,554.16 and the candidate loaned his campaign an additional $50,000. The Critz campaign also reported a debt of $76,053.08 which includes $22,330.02 owed to Capital Principles, the law firm they used for their failed petition challenge.

UPDATE: Unopposed Republican Keith Rothfus raised $241,585 during the period and entered April with $384,491 in cash (after $54,209 in expenses). As the Democrats will surely be spending more of their cash reserves in the dash toward the primary, Rothfus could very well start May with more money than either incumbent.