HARRISBURG — After months of battling ride-sharing companies Lyft and Uber, at its meeting today the state Public Utility Commission’‍s Bureau of Technical Utility Services will recommend the board grant the ride-sharing companies emergency licenses to operate in Allegheny County.
Monday’s credit downgrade from Moody’s Investors Services, a move widely seen as indicative of a sluggish economy and poor budgets, was wielded by Tom Wolf on Tuesday as vindication of his argument that Gov. Tom Corbett has hurt the state’‍s economy.
HARRISBURG — Credit agency Moody’s Investors Service cited the new state budget’‍s reliance on one-time revenue sources as it downgraded Pennsylvania’s debt rating on Monday.
HARRISBURG — The state will be able to eliminate a waiting list of nearly 300 people with physical disabilities who need care, allowing them to remain in their homes rather than nursing homes, because of an additional $7.2 million that’‍s being steered to the program in this year’‍s recently enacted budget.
Pennsylvania’s review and permitting of new longwall coal mining operations is based on incomplete application data and as a result doesn’‍t protect the state’s water resources and air quality, according to a report released today by the Citizens Coal Council.
Republicans have controlled the state Senate in Harrisburg for two decades.
WASHINGTON — A staff member for a Pennsylvania congressman was arrested today after carrying a handgun and magazine into the Cannon House Office building, U.S. Capitol Police said.
HARRISBURG — A plan to change the name of Pennsylvania’‍s Department of Public Welfare to the Department of Human Services continues to advance in Harrisburg, albeit slowly.
Billionaire Tom Steyer and his Super PAC, NextGen Climate, are making big moves in Pennsylvania this year.
Gov. Tom Corbett returned Monday to the place his political career began, connecting the dots between pensions and property taxes, as he struggles against a potential premature end to that career.
HARRISBURG -- As Gov. Tom Corbett reasserts his case for changing the retirement benefits for future state and school workers, he has emphasized a connection more tangible to voters than that of state budget pressures: increases in local property taxes.
After more than a day of criticism from fellow state Republicans who accused him of failing to show leadership, Gov. Tom Corbett said Friday that he has worked behind the scenes long enough and will take his cause of pension reform to the public.
In a campaign commercial earlier this week, Gov. Tom Corbett proclaimed, "I didn't come to Harrisburg to makes friends.''
A decade after Ralph Nader‘‍s failed attempt to get on the presidential ballot in Pennsylvania, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit in Philadelphia ruled Wednesday that minor parties should get another day in court.
The “new and improved” Cleveland will get a chance on a national stage to shed its shoddy image as the “mistake on the lake” and the rust-belt city whose river once caught fire as Republicans on Tuesday chose it to play host to their 2016 national convention.
HARRISBURG — While the budget wrangling in the Capitol isn’t complete — Gov. Tom Corbett hasn’t indicated if he will sign the $29.1 billion spending plan the General Assembly sent him last week — here’s a look at some of the budget highlights as the plan is written:
Tom Wolf visited some of Pittsburgh’s cutting edge startup companies Monday as part of his “Fresh Start” tour focusing on Pennsylvania manufacturing.
Supporters of liquor sale privatization take as a given that getting rid of the state monopoly will lead to cheaper alcohol. But a comparison between Pennsylvania prices and those of border stores in surrounding states shows that the Liquor Control Board is competitive for many products.
Modest increases in special education and block grant funding in the state budget that the Legislature approved will not be enough to overcome the challenge of flat funding in the $5.526 billion basic education subsidy for school districts, according to school officials.
If enacted, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett’s Healthy PA Medicaid proposal would repeal a program that provides assistance for low- and middle-income workers with disabilities, many of whom would be forced to pay higher health insurance rates in the commercial marketplace.